Competitors will weigh when they arrive at the venue, before their first fight. There is only one opportunity to check the weight. If the competitor does not make weight, they will be immediately disqualified.

Please make sure that you are in the correct weight division. You can not change divisions if you do not make your designated division. No changes will be accepted on the tournament day, no refund.

Kids Weigh-ins


    • All parents and coaches are required to ensure they register their athletes in the proper weight category.

    • We heavily discourage any form of weight cutting, especially for kids.

    • We will provide a discretionary weight allowance as we are aware it is common for growing kids to fluctuate rather quickly.

    • All kids will be primarily grouped by age and weight first, then by skills.

Adult Weigh-ins


    • There will be NO weight allowance for adults.

    • You may weigh in with GI or NOGI attire. (New for 2018)

* Division/Weight changes *


    • You may request a change in weight division up to 5 pm on Athlete check day

NOGI Weigh-ins


    • Athletes who are competing in the GI division will NOT have to weigh in again for NOGI

    • Athletes who are ONLY doing the NOGI division are required to check in and weigh in with their NOGI attire

Weight Divisions and Brackets

Brackets will be posted online as people register in real-time.

As with all of our tournaments, we may have to combine certain weight divisions together if there is fewer than 4 competitors.


If you do not wish to be moved, you may request a refund and withdraw.

Please select the closest weight for the competitor’s estimated weight for the tournament.  All kids will be grouped based on Age, Weight, and Skill.   Choosing the closest weight category will allow us to better make brackets accordingly.

Kids Divisions and Brackets

Our new registration provides you to select the approximate weight of the competitor.  We will use these selections to create custom brackets for the young competitors.  Our primary goal is to always combine the same weight and ages but in some cases, we must combine various categories.

*New 2023:  Boys and Girls will be split and no longer combined.*

Our goals are to do our best to provide the following:


    1. Kids will be within 1 weight category (within 10lbs) of each other

    1. Kids’ age groups will be one above or one below, ideally within 2 years where possible.

This may not always be possible, and you may request changes or withdraw should you feel necessary.

We work hard to ensure we have the fairest divisions and brackets possible based on the number of registrations.  It is important that athletes register as early as possible to provide the best outcomes.  We do offer refunds for injuries reported before the athlete correction deadline or if you do not choose a preferred option if we have to combine your weight division with a higher one.